The Magic Method

Express yourself and find your passion


     This film illuminates how learning how to tell your story transforms the way you see     yourself and how others see you, then allows you to effect change.  It also gives an        overview of what my students and I have accomplished these past 18 years.
    Running Time:  14 minutes.  Filmmaker:  Tony, age 16.  
My method has two parts:


  • Creative writing & publishing (poems and stories to express your creativity, publish, and win contests)
  • SAT/ACT Essays (Learn how to wield your pen with power and eloquence)
  • Literary Criticism (This is the bulk of your English homework from 8th grade on.  My method teaches you how to write like a college professor)
  • College App Essays (Learn how to bring your unique story vividly to life in a way that makes others understand your heart)

        Passion finding and College Prep:

  • I have a way of identifying your children's passions and finding the contests and unusual service projects they can spearhead to make them feel special and their lives, meaningful
  • Building your empathy as well as creative, design, and story-telling skills can start as early as age four.  Students start with me at older ages as well
  • One of my favorite things to do is to help you tell your story on your college apps.  If we start early, we can build a unique story and resume for you.  If we start later, I can help you tell your story in a way that brings out your heart


My students surprise themselves.  They win all-expense-paid trips to the Virgin Islands to scuba dive and save endangered fish, find themselves accepting medals at Carnegie Hall when they used to hate writing, win full merit scholarships to the 7 year USC B.A./M.D. program, end up autographing their publications at book signings, and end up holding acceptance letters to places like Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, and Duke.