Kidz4Life is the entrepreneurial and philanthropic division of Magic Pen Kids

"Harold the Hippo" reveals how I inspired a group of kids who didn't even know each other and lived in different states to write, illustrate, song-write, and create a video and a website for a story they sold for charity, which in turn empowered them to see they could create value in the world.  
Running time:  3 minutes.  Filmmaker:  Tony, age 16




The Hunger Book Project

It takes 31 cents to save a life.  Children's book authors earn 17-35 cents per book.  One book, one life. 

Excerpts from "How Leo Clumsy Saved the World": 

           “There once was a boy named Leo Clumsy who saved the world from hunger.  The funny thing was, he was not very rich himself.  7-year-old Leo came from a very poor family.  He lived in an old beat-up car in a junkyard with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clumsy, and they all slept jumbled together in a bed made out of old tires.”

“Why are you so sad?” Leo Clumsy asked the little boy.  “I am a starving orphan.  I don’t have any money,” said the boy.  “Do you at least have a dime?  I have at least 42 dimes and one penny,” whispered Leo.  “I live in a junkyard in America.”

*          *          *

Clarissa is working on launching her kid-written publishing label with a global charity project.  After reading that one kid dies every five seconds of hunger-related causes and that 31 more cents a day can save a life in Jeffrey Sach’s The End of Poverty, she asked her students to write stories with their suggestions to solve world hunger. 

The 25 stories they created were so charming that she thought publishing them as children's books and donating as much of the proceeds to hunger relief as possible would empower kids to realize they can change the world.