Sample Funny Animal Poem

An excerpt

An excerpt of one of the 25 funny animal poems the kids have written (some with my help).  They can be published in the Seussian style with pictures and a rhyming couplet on each page. 


I think it would be a nice tribute to Dr. Seuss for children to take over from where he left off.


Moose on the Loose

by “Mrs. Dr. Seuss” (Whitney, age 10, and Clarissa) 

A big moose walked into a crowded gas station one day

“Fill me up!!!” he cried.  “Is this the moose café?” 


Everyone tried to sneak up to the moose

They had never seen a moose on the loose 


They came with their video cameras and cameras too

“Oh my goodness,” said the moose.  “It’s a people zoo.”