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Nightmare Elementary School Teacher Inspires 13-year-old to write Carnegie Hall award-winning novel


Kendall was one of six kids in the nation to win a medal for her novel from Scholastic, Harry Potter’s publisher.  She competed against 561 other students in the U.S.


“Miss Lavender Venumn was a malevolent serpent.  Her soft emerald eyes could destroy you with a single glance, and her alabaster arms struck children until they burst like little bottom bombs.”


So begins the tale of Miss Lavender Venumn, the spank-a-holic owner of Miss Lavender’s School for Happy Orphans.


The novel was written by a 13-year-old.  “One of my elementary school teachers, who shall remain nameless,” Perrin begins, “scared me to death.  So much so that I decided to get home-schooled.”


But suffering begets art.  When asked by Clarissa to write something, Kendall came up with Miss Lavender Venumn.  The novel is one of the six in the nation to be awarded a medal by Scholastic, the publisher of Harry Potter.  In a personal e-mail to Kendall, one of the editors of Scholastic wrote that Kendall’s novel was “funnier than what we get from 99% of adults.”


No small praise from the publisher of the most successful series in the world. Kendall flew to New York in June 2008 with her mother, Barbara, and her home-school English teacher, Clarissa Ngo, to be honored at Carnegie Hall. 


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