Magic Pen Press

A publishing label where kids write for kids




"A child's eyes see into the soul of nature, and in our observations, we are creating the philosophy of the next generation of the human race.  So the next time you read a child's words, look at them more closely--take them a bit more seriously.  For it may indeed be a symphony of a story adults no longer see." 

                    --MaCall, age 13

Clarissa is working on launching a publishing label where kids write for kids.  The idea behind this label would not only be to empower child authors, but to promote a new kind of hero for kids—not the rock star or athlete, but the child writer who shows imagination and intellect. 


One project is publishing 25 kid-written funny poems in the Seussian/Berenstain Bears style with rhyming couplets, silly situations, and pictures—beginner books and beyond that would inspire kids to love reading and writing from an early age. 


She also has 142 kid-written stories, both humorous and serious, for kids ages 5-18.  Some of these ideas could also be turned into cartoons and movies, which she believes will generate even greater interest in writing among young people.


Lastly, she has 148 kid-written lyrical poems, many of which have garnered praise from the L.A. Times.