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"Writing is about creating something I can call my own.  When I write, I feel a fire ignite in my soul, and I am compelled to create something with the hands of my mind."

             --MaCall, age 13


MaCall’s most embarrassing moment occurred the day her school had “THE TALK” in health class.  After being assaulted by shocking anatomical details, she shot her hand in the air and confusedly asked, “What about the pregnancy prayer?”, which was how her mother explained how babies came to be—you know—you go to church, pray, and a baby arrives at your doorstep. 


Well, after that shock, MaCall began working on her novel, which is now a 200 page fantasy epic that she is ALMOST DONE WITH after two years of sweat.  In addition to writing, MaCall is a dancer and rhythmic gymnast.  She just returned from the Junior Olympics in Chicago, where she was shocked to place 14th in the nation. 


However, the real topper was getting to put gum on someone’s head as the childhood version of Amanda on Ugly Betty.  MaCall’s dream is to one day sell her novel and write more from her office in a hollowed out tree.