About Isaac, age 11

The second kid in history to get an adult writing contract with the L.A. Times

  An excerpt from Isaac's "The Misadventures of Simon the Hamster":

“What’s the bad news?” my mom asked, her lip quivering.

“Your beloved husband, Harold, is in a metal cage,” I answered.

“What’s the good news?”

            “The door’s open.”

            My mother, Susan, gave three cheers.

            “So what’s the other bad news?” My mother’s lip started to quiver again.

            “He’s not running out of the cage.”


When trying to copy a flip from a martial arts movie, Isaac once got his two front teeth knocked out.  He loves reading action fantasy adventure stories, shooting his brothers with his Nerf gun at the beach, and writing poems about silly things (like Frogsicles).  Isaac also enjoys spending time with his bird Maui, who twitches his claw with delight every time his belly gets rubbed.  If anyone in Italy reads this, Isaac would like to mention that he likes strawberry gelato, and that he will give out his address to anyone would like to send him some.