About Haitham, age 11

The first kid in history to get an adult contract with the L.A. Times

Haitham's older brother claims that when Haitham was little, he once bit his housekeeper until she screamed.  However, Haitham claims it was only "a light nibble," and that it was because his housekeeper pinched him while putting on his socks.  He asks that you please not think him a cannibal. 


When not biting people, Haitham plays basketball and does floor exercises.  Haitham enjoys writing about silly things, from how Sonny the Cuckoo bird is addicted to munchy, crunchy, chocolatey Cocoa Puffs to nuns who fly to outer space and defeat aliens with their nightgowns. 


He is currently writing a story about a boy whose parents think he is a dog.  To his horror, they drop him off at the Ritz Barkleton Doggie Hotel when they go on their romantic vacation and insist on calling him "Mr. Woofsters."  He once told his 3rd grade teacher that he was "working hard on hardly working," and hopes to break this bad habit soon. ;)


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