Q.  Whom do you teach?

A.  Ages 4 and up, although starting as early as ages 4-6 is an exception.  I find it is ideal to start earlier as that is when kids are the most imaginative and have the most time to explore their creativity.  I teach everyone from the troubled kid to the prodigy to every kid in between.  My kids generally stay with me until they graduate from high school, so I get to see them grow up!

Q.  How often are the lessons?

A.  Generally an hour a week, unless you wish your child to improve faster.

Q.  How do I start?

A.  We meet for a first lesson, and we assess if I can help your child.   It's great if your child has talent, but what I'm really looking for is attitude and industriousness.

Q.  Where are the classes held?

A.  Either at my location or at your house, but I do charge for driving time.  I also Skype worldwide.

Q.  How large are the classes?

A.  One-on-one

Q.  Do you teach adults?

A.  On a case-by-case basis.