Helene's "The Terrible Miss Twitch"

“YOW!” I shrieked.

“Oh, shut up, you greedy little goblin.  You are going to sit in the BAD BOY BOX.”

“But I’m a girl!”

“Not for long.”

The whole class gasped in horror.

Miss Twitch marched me to her desk by the hair.  She took out a giant pair of scissors, and before I could say ‘MOMMY!’, she SNIPPED off my luscious blonde hair and DROPPED it in the wastebasket.

*          *          *

When the Terrible Miss Twitch takes over Miss Basil's 4th grade classroom, a little girl has to save the day.  Of course, when she gets a little magic help from the leprechauns Underpants O’Donaghue, Fluffernutter O’Donnell, and Junk in the Trunk O’Brannigan, it turns out to be not such as twitchy day.